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Get collaboration on the agenda. Engage the team in constructive dialogue about the collaboration.

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Key benefits for the team

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Increased productivity

Improved collaboration leads to increased productivity for the benefit of all.

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Less stress

Improved collaboration leads to reduced stress and increased well-being in the team.

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Happy customers

Better collaboration creates better results and happy customers.

How it works

GStrong collaboration requires a focused and continuous effort – from everyone in the team.

With TEAMVAERK, the entire team is engaged in improving collaboration. Through a simple process of three steps, you ensure that collaboration is always on the agenda. The team is heard, feels a shared responsibility, and works together to improve the collaboration. This is exactly why TEAMVAERK works.

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Agreements for the collaboration

The team jointly makes agreements for the collaboration. TEAMVAERK helps the team formulate good, tangible, and measurable agreements with meaning.

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Measuring the quality of collaboration

TEAMVAERK continuously surveys the team's own agreements. The surveys only take 3 minutes to answer and the team decides how often to measure.

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Team dialogue

Based on the latest survey, the team has a structured and constructive dialogue about how to optimize the collaboration.


Our other features


Teamscan scans the team's data and shows which challenges and risks the team struggles to improve over time.

Risk management

TEAMVARK's risk management module creates transparency in risks and helps the team in managing risks.