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TEAMVAERK has a number of features that help the team and the organization improve their collaboration.


Gruppe på workshop Elementer fra Workshop
Workshop med høj kvalitet

High-quality workshops

The team jointly designs the optimal collaborative culture.

Aftaler der giver mening

Agreements that make sense

Tangible agreements for collaborative behavior instead of empty platitudes.

Continuous measurements

360° indblik i samarbejdet

360° insight into the collaboration

Full insight into the opinion of all team members about the collaboration.

Anonyme målinger

Anonymous surveys

All surveys are anonymous. It only takes 3 min. to answer.

Person med telefon Elementer fra målinger


Gruppe der laver Teamtjek Element fra Teamtjek
Fokus på optimering

Focus on optimization

Optimizing the collaboration will always be on the agenda.

Kvalificeret dialog

Constructive dialog

Constructive dialogue about the collaboration and risks based on data.

Risk management

360 graders indblik i risici

360 degree insight into risks

Collects risks from the entire team as a part of surveys.

Aftaler der giver mening


Overview of all risks. The new ones, the ones you are working on and the ones you have managed.

Gruppe på workshop Elementer fra Risikostyringen


Gruppe der laver Teamscan Elementer fra Teamscan
Fælles løsninger

Diagnosis of the collaboration

Understand the underlying challenges behind the collaboration.

Kvalificeret dialog

Qualified dialogue

Solve the challenges with a joint and targeted effort.


Early warnings

Early warnings

Early identification of challenges across teams.

Samlet overblik


Status of collaboration and risks in all teams.

Mand med telefon Elementer fra Dashboard Elementer fra Dashboard


Intelligence Elementer fra Intelligence
Forstå jeres teams

Understand your teams

Unique data provides new insight into the collaboration.

Bedre beslutninger

Better decisions

Create change based on real insights.