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About us

Mission: "We want to make people better together"

We are geeks in collaboration

Collaboration isn't rocket science – it's much harder!

Collaboration is about people and social relationships, which are often governed by emotion and irrationality. Therefore, collaborative relationships can be difficult to understand and even more difficult to control.

At TEAMVAERK, we are driven by making teams collaborate better. Many years of experience have taught us that it can only succeed if good cooperation is made the team's joint responsibility. And if cooperation comes up on the agenda again and again.

TEAMVAERK's method is based on an extensive knowledge base. It consists of knowledge from sociology, psychology, and behavioral economics. It is all tied together by a group of skilled consultants and a supporting IT tool, which ensures that you easily and efficiently create a good collaborative culture in the team.

The team

Anders Jacobi

Anders Jacobi

Anders is co-CEO at TEAMVAERK and brings with him broad collaboration experience from Danish and international settings. Anders shares the CEO position with Line, and they have joint responsibility for TEAMVAERK’s strategy and positioning towards customers and the market. Furthermore, Anders’ day-to-day focus is on operations, finance, and the continual optimisation of TEAMVAERK’s digital platform. Anders is also responsible for steering and structuring several of TEAMVAERKs larger and more complex projects and specialised services.

Line Cassøe

Line Cassøe

Line is co-CEO at TEAMVAERK and comes with broad experience within organisation, leadership, and collaboration from several different industries. Line shares the CEO position with Anders and they have joint responsibility for TEAMVAERK’s strategy and positioning towards customers and the market. Furthermore, Line’s day-to-day focus is on product and method development and on team development within the business. Line is also responsible for the design and steering of several of TEAMVAERK’s larger and more complex projects and specialised services.

Peter Falk

Peter Falk

Peter is a founding partner of the company and has roots in the construction industry. He stands on a heavy foundation of experience and knowledge of collaborative processes in teams in project organizations.

Andrés Franco

Andrés Franco

Andrés is TEAMVAERK's developer and is responsible for improving and maintaining TEAMVAERK's digital tools so that the experience is intuitive and smooth.


Filippa Halborg-Ravnholt

Filippa is a specialist in E.V.T.G. and supports a wide range of functions, everything from administrative tasks to marketing activities. She currently studies BSc in Business Administration and Sociology at CBS.


Janie Nørgaard

Janie is associated with TEAMVAERK due to her managerial experience, structural competences, and in-depth knowledge of the construction industry. Janie has strong skills with regards to collaboration at the portfolio level as well as complex stakeholder management.


Kåre Bach Kristiansen

Kåre is a specialist in organizational development, change communication and stakeholder management. In TEAMVAERK, Kåre facilitates collaborative processes in several industries with a focus on management, strategy and business development.


Jesper Schwarz

Jesper has worked with leadership, organizational development, and collaboration for the past 15 years, both as an HR Business Partner and Leadership Development Consultant – and for the last 4 years as an independent consultant. In TEAMVAEARK, Jesper primarily serves as a close advisor to our clients, delivering tailored TEAMVAERK programs and supporting our clients in building a strong collaborative environment.